Laying the Old Book to Rest



Its time to say goodbye to my old sketch book. I filled its last pages today and get to start another identical one that some good friends purchased for my birthday back in November. I am excited to start this next one. I know the images for this year will be better than last years and to be honest good ol` sketch book No.1 WAS A BIT OF A BITCH to get through. It did however teach my a few things about beating creative blocks and also a great deal about anatomy. Although I`m glad to see you go...you`ll live on in my memory and...on my book shelf as well. As you can see I prefer the coil bound books as I bring my sketchbook with me just about everywhereI go now. I find this type better suited to drawing on a park bench, coffee shop or even standing. I`m hoping to fill all 100 pages in no more than three months. Thus I will need to commit to at least three sketches per day, which is what I`m averaging these days anyways. Maybe I should aim for two months instead! Time to up the anty!

On that note I am going to try an experiment this time round. I`ve always been inspired by the book cover art on Sci-fi and Fantasy novels. They also tend to be the genre I read the most. So for this new sketchbook, the theme is going to be scenes from BOOKS I`VE READ. I will not limit myself to this, as a sketchbook is supposed to be a sort of record of your thoughts and scribblings. Some pages contain more writing and notes than images! Right. Off to sharpen a new pencil!

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