Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns Day!

Brian as Robbie BurnsWell it was movie night again and another drawing session has been completed. Tonight being Rabbie Burns Day, Scotlands most beloved Poet, the movie of choice was Braveheart. Naturally. Don't be surprised to see some kilted warriors in the sketch book some time soon. Nothing beats a creative block than a movie with lots of great battle scenes, castles, horses and crazy Scottish warriors. A little malted barley never hurt either. Strangely all my characters have a passing resemblence to Mel Gibson tonight???? Speaking of passing resemblences...this picture of Robert Burns reminds me of some strange artist guy?

And on to other business.

For those of you that have been asking that I post a clearer tutorial of how I am making the chain (mail) Hauberk; I will try to get that up this week and possibly even tomorrow.

Right now I'm off to paint my face blue and white.

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