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Smart Car vs. the Crocs

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saralittle gatorGator man

We went to a gator reserve in Moss Point, Mississippi just about 15 minutes from Biloxi. The guide told us they originally had 250 gators under their protection but after Katrina had done its damage they were left with just 25. We walked through the reserve on a rickety wooden walkway through the gators and onto the air boat. The driver made wild turns and dips to make the ride all the more fun, but in an air boat you don't get any sense of movement other than the wind racing past your face. It was a cool day so the gators were fairly docile and weren't moving too much..which was fine with me!

I've added a picture of my Smart Car that we drove from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Biloxi Mississippi, only because I know how the crocs felt.

Driving that car in the South was like being an attraction at the local zoo. Oh well...we got a lot of funny looks and genuine smiles along the way!

Waffle House and Cajun MMMM!

undefinedBiscuits and GravyGritsLoaded Hashbrowns

Well this first batch of pictures aren't cajun of course! These were some of the meals we had for breakfast a a franchise called Waffle House. There is a Waffle House every 10 feet down South! The first picture is hashbrowns with most of the fixings, the second is biscuits and gravy, the third is eggs and toast with a side of Grits (had to try grits) and the last is loaded hashbrowns...there must be at least nine items on there!

undefinedundefinedundefinedblackened CatfishSeafood Platter at CornersShrimp Po boy

Next we had some great Cajun food in New Orleans. First is the crab stuffed mushrooms, then fresh oysters, then on to half blackened gator and half popcorn gator mmmmm!, then blackened Catfish topped with a Crawdaddy sauce served with collared greens and whipped potato, a seafood platter (stuffed crab, popcorn shrimp, breaded catfish, and deep fried oysters) and finally a Shrimp Po boy! Damn that was some good eating!

St. Louis Cemetery No.1

St. Louis Cemetary SignSt. Louis Cemetaryundefined

We took a walk to the St. Louis Cemetery No.1 in New Orleans today. The weather was fantastic, clear skies and about 70 F. It was a great opportunity to experience New Orleans history and their spiritual and superstitious side.

Our hotel, The Hotel Monteleone was only  few minutes walk form the cemtary and only one block south of the famous Bourbon Street Festivities. More New Orleans posts to come! No sightings of Ann Rice or Lestat yet. Interview with the Vampire

From the Road

Jacks BBQundefinedundefined









Well its been an exciting week! I find myself on a last minute road trip to New Orleans with my friend Jeff. We are currently in Nashville, having just sampled the fine wares at the Jim Beam Distillery and apparently the "Best BBQ in Nashville!"; Jacks BBQ. Good ribs and sauce, skip the smoked chicken and turkey unless you are partial to Spam, and of course there is the customary Corn Bread. Grits fer breakfast tomorrow! We've been on the road for the 12 hours driving in my Smart Car and I haven't slept since yesterday. Time for a nap before hitting the Nashville circuit. Thats all fer now, y'all!

The Stage on Broadway

The Stage on Broadway is a great Country bar to check out in Nashville. The band was amazing. Didn't see a gret deal of Cowboy hats though?


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