Chain Mail - Knitting For Men

Well Folks,

At some point I decided it would be a fantastic idea for me to make my own mail Hauberk. Googling quickly lead me to realize that I wasn't the only crazy person out there that thought that making a completely impractical garment was normal. I, of course, intend to use my mail armour as costume for when I shoot  a live model for a painting.
Although, there are certainly easier ways to get mail armour reference....this is my way of justifying a 35lb garment made of little steel rings. I've included the following pictures that show my work in progress and a two links that I have found useful for making chain armour. I've also discoverd that the term "Chain Mail"  or "Knitted Mail" is incorrect and mostly like became popular in the venacular due to Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. The proper term for those of you who are wondering is simply mail or mail armour (Canadian spelling of armour).


The round bit that goes over head and sits around the neck.









A Square section that I will duplicate and attach to the round thingy from the previous picture.





The 14 gauge wire coil I made from galvanized wire, some cutters
(Which I have replace with much better ones) and some cut rings.




I'll post more pics as the project progresses...but I do have paintings to get done as well!