From the Road

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Well its been an exciting week! I find myself on a last minute road trip to New Orleans with my friend Jeff. We are currently in Nashville, having just sampled the fine wares at the Jim Beam Distillery and apparently the "Best BBQ in Nashville!"; Jacks BBQ. Good ribs and sauce, skip the smoked chicken and turkey unless you are partial to Spam, and of course there is the customary Corn Bread. Grits fer breakfast tomorrow! We've been on the road for the 12 hours driving in my Smart Car and I haven't slept since yesterday. Time for a nap before hitting the Nashville circuit. Thats all fer now, y'all!

The Stage on Broadway

The Stage on Broadway is a great Country bar to check out in Nashville. The band was amazing. Didn't see a gret deal of Cowboy hats though?


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