Swapping Sketches on the Fly


Tonight was another movie night at the Pub. The movie was not very interesting to me and my friend Dan so we spent the night  trying something different.

The three sketches above are an example of a few of the drawings we did tonight. Each drawing was started by one of us and then completed by the other. It served to prove that this an excellent way to spend an evening and also a great way to beat the creative blocks of what subject matter to draw. These three drawings were inspired by the other patrons milling about the Pub. Unfortunatley the wait staff do not dress like Gernman Barmaids. They do, however, wear kilts! :) We continued to sketch until the barman decided the second movie of the night would be the "Seinfeld Scene it DVD Game".

At which point all drawing came to an abrupt halt.

Cheers Big Ears!