Stoked - For My American Friends

Just a quick note!

For those of you South of the Border! The Premiere Episodes of Stoked will air on The Cartoon Network on July 17th.

Stoked Premiere on Teletoon

Well its finally here! The Premiere episodes of 'Stoked' will air Thursday June 25th at 7pm on Teletoon Canada.

This is one of the teaser ads that are currently promoting the show. Enjoy!

Or click here to watch it on Youtube directly.



P.S. Also forgot to mention that I will be compiling some tutorials for  Adobe Photoshop and Digital Colour Theory over the next few months. Drop me a line if there is anything you are interested in seeing.

Stoked Premiere Party

undefinedLast evening we gathered upon the shores of Lake Ontario (fitting for a Surfing Themed Show) to celebrate the Premiere and completion of the first two episodes of Stoked. The show is set to premiere in Canada on the Teletoon network June 25th at 7pm ET. As I have mentioned before, I have had the great luck to be a small part of this production, mainly in the Background Department and the Design Department building the occasional prop.

The best way to learn is to learn from the masters....and so I am. The series was created by Jennifer Pertschch and Tom McGillis (Total Drama Island). There is definitley a great deal of talent here at the studio and I believe that shines through in the finished shows. The kids are definitely going to get this and the Pros are already wondering how we did it using Flash.

The weather, which had been sunny and darn near to perfect as you could ever hope for turned rainy and damp on the day of the party. None-the-less we soldiered on and prepared to let the good times roll. The evening was a blast for the young and the old. This following is a picture of me with an actual surf board made from a design right out of the show. (Picture: Some artist with a surfboard)

Animation Revealed

This is the show that I have had the honour of being a part of for the last six weeks and counting. Although there is not a drop of my work in this footage it will give a glimpse into the quality of the production. I was brought into this production by my good Friend Mike Hogue

and can now offically express my heart felt thanks for getting me into the Studio. Watch the video and send me your thoughts!


Animated Brian

There has been very little time these days to update the blog as I have recently started a 2 hour commute to an animation studio in Toronto that does various shows. While there I am doing some background paintings for the show as well as designing or rendering various props to be used thoughout the scenes. The background painting was a no brainer for me as I am quite familar with Photoshop (Even though we only use paths to create our images...can you say 1 millions layers per background!) The props, which I have been working on this week, are all done in Adobe Flash. Flash and I haven't got along with each other for a very long time. Unfortunaltely, I had to kiss and make up with it this week and learn all its deep and dark secrets so I could draw 8 million variations of a dress. A dress on a hanger, being held, being thrown, being washed, being held from the opposite view, now 3/4 get the picture. Such is the life of animation! Still, there better not be any dresses next week! and I made a new friend... her name is Flash.

It is cool to hang around so many other artists. People who think in the same terms as you do and have very highly developed senses of humour. Or maybe its very crude senses of humour?

As for the show I'm working on, well its a new show, so hush-hush for now!

All is revealed here!

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