Fueling the Creative Fires with Beer!

It's become a weekly habit for me to spend monday nights at my local pub with my fellow artist friend Dan. Monday is obstensively Movie Night at the Pub and our beer slinger Ethan plays us two films based on some warped theme he conjures out of thin air.

For myself and Dan these "Movie Nights" have become more of a draw jam. The movies usually end up generating an idea for a sketch or have even inspired a larger painting. The 'Regulars' have become quite used to seeing the two of us black and whitesitting in the corner, sketch books open Guinness in hand and pencils scribbling all sorts of arty things.

On one occasion my friend Dan was approached by our beer slinger and friend Ethan to create an image of him in the 'Heavy Metal'esque style. What he got was a good representation of himself if he were a kilted Barbarian brandishing a double-barrelled  shotgun while riding a heavily armed cybernetic Mastedon!

Needless to say I was chuffed when Dan asked if I would colour his inked drawing and I even got to add my own spin on it by addding some comic booky looking things and a bar code to boot!

So remember...Drinking and Driving...BAD!  Drinking and Drawing!!!!! BETTER!!!!!



coloured version

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