The view from this morning






Decided to take an early morning walk along Niagara Falls and remembered to bring my camera this time!

Stone Relief Carving


One of the many carvings found on  the old Hydro Buildings in Niagara Falls.

Another Day at the Park


Taken from the Queenston Heights Park. I had a great day spending time

with some friends at the park using the old style pit Barbeques.

The Mighty Niagara River


A view of the Niagara River from Queenston Heights, Ontario, Canada.

Nearly Underway


Sunday night I was invited to take an evening cruise on my friend Stacey's boat.

This was taken just before we boarded the 'Yacht'. What a great night for boating!

This picture was taken at the marina in Port Dalhousie on the south shores of Lake Ontario

Major-General Sir Issac Brock

Major-General Sir Issac Brock Monument

This monument sits high on the Niagara Escarpment looking over the village of

Queenston Heights. The monument is dedicated to Major-General Sir Issac Brock.

Hint: (He is the little guy pointing at the top)

Some Wildlife for a change


Thought I would change things up after all the buildings I recently posted.

The Branta canadensis or Canada Goose.

CN Tower II

CN Tower

Ok. Last Toronto pic for now. Maybe.

This photo was taken from the waterfront of Lake Ontario. You

can just see the white domed roof of the old "Skydome" Arena. Now called

the Air Canada Center. First CN Tower photo

Toronto From Afar

Toronto as viewed from Queenston

Continuing on the Toronto theme...this is a view of the Toronto skyline

as seen from Queenston Heights some 40 - 50km away. I waited for

over an hour just to get the right lighting.

The CN Tower

The CN Tower Toronto

This is the view that greets me every morning at the end of my morning commute to the studio.

It is easy to take this tower for granted...but the skyline would certainly be a great deal less impressive with out it.

Photo of the Day?

Oakes Park

I feel like I am starting a photo of the day website! Maybe not a bad idea.

This one is Oakes Park in Niagara Falls.

Another Falls Shot

Niagara Falls July 2009

Another shot of the Falls taken with my Canon this weekend. I
think I may try to make a habit of taking small photo excursions
around my local area.

Fireworks Over Niagara Falls

Fireworks over Niagara Falls

I took a little break from working to watch the fireworks over Niagara Falls.

Using the opportunity to play with some of the settings on my Canon

(Powershot SX100 IS 8MP) camera and take some pictures of the fireworks.

This ended up being the best one.

Happy Birthday Canada!

Bobcaygeon - Pigeon Lake

Happy Birthday Canada! You are still one good lookin' Country.

This is a photo I took at Pigeon Lake, Bobcaygeon just before heading
out to do some fishing with some friends. Thought I would share it with you.

First Walk along the Niagara Gorge 2009

Niagara gorgeNiagara River

Today I took the first hike of the year along the Niagara Gorge. The weather was a fantastic 20 C / 68 F and the sun was shining most of the time. Its easy to forget what kind of beauty surrounds us here at home and today was a great reminder. Along the way, about an hour into the hike, I came upon this Canadian Goose, nesting high up on a rocky out cropping. I didn't know they could fly gracefully enough to land in a spot that hard to get to, but I guess they obviously do. Tomorrow a post about A5-35 for sore muscles and why you should wear sunscreen before going on a hike.


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