A quicky for SSS story by Will McIntosh

undefined This is  a quick painting I did for StarShipsofa's March Podcast #182. It illustrates a short story by Will McIntosh called 'A Clown Escapes From Circus Town'

StarShipSofa Volume II Promo

Video: Dee Cunniffe Music: David Bradshaw

New Art!

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I was just handed the type treatment to the artwork I did for's Aural Delights No.138.
This cover illustrates Charon the Boatman of Hades as he starts his holiday. This story was written by Award Winning Author Jeffrey Ford.

This time I got away with having the image partially cover over some of the SSS title...which I believe is a first in their history. I'm planting a flag anyways and claiming rights!!!!!

The image on the right was my attempt at some typography.

Hope you like it!


StarShipSofa Art

undefinedThis week I completed the following painting for the Feb24th Episode of StarShipSofa's Aural Delights Audio Magazine No. 122. The painting is an illustration of Michael Flynn's HUGO nominated story entitled 'The Clapping Hands of God'

If you are interested in hearing more about the experience of painting of this cover click here.


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