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undefinedIt's out just in time for Elevenses!!!

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Starshipsofa's Stories Volume 3. I did an illustration for a James Morrow Story starring none other than John Wayne.
s Volume 3 | StarShipSofa


New Art for SSS Stories V.III

I just handed in my artwork for StarShipSofa Stories Volume III. Another fun story to illustrate starring none other than the 'Duke', John Wayne.

You can see the art for it here. The book will be available in a few months from

StarShipSofa Nominated for a HUGO second year in a row!



I am proud to announce that the StarShipSofa Podcast has been nominated again for a HUGO Award!

A quicky for SSS story by Will McIntosh

undefined This is  a quick painting I did for StarShipsofa's March Podcast #182. It illustrates a short story by Will McIntosh called 'A Clown Escapes From Circus Town'

A Call for Artists


Call for ARTISTS!

Every wanted to create a fantasy or science fiction cover to be adored by thousands of fans?

Contact me via the contact page or go to and leave an email for the Host of this HUGO Award winning podcast.




StarShipSofa Volume II Promo

Video: Dee Cunniffe Music: David Bradshaw

Check out this weeks "HUGO Award Winning" podcast

meanwhile over at

Aural Delights No 154 Ben Bova / Jack Dann

Sofanauts Awards

Jason Sanford Interzone

Coming Up This Week 00:48

Interview: Stephen R. Donaldson 03:50

Fact Article: Looking Back At SF History: Amy H. Sturgis 22:40

Main Fiction: The Man Who Hated Gravity by Ben Bova 38:20

Fact Article: DragonCon by Randal L. Schwartz 01:17:45

StarShipSofa Interrogations: Samuel R. Delany 01:33:45

Main Fiction: Cafe Culture by Jack Dann 02:10:30

Competition: H G Wells The Food of the Gods by Gollancz 02:31:00

Narrators: Mike Boris, Fred Himebaugh

StarShipSofa wins a HUGO!

undefinedOver in Melbourne, Australia the winners of the esteemed HUGO Awards were just announced and I am very pleased to say the StarShipSofa has won. The first podcast in the history of the HUGO's to ever be nominated and ever to win!

I have contributed artwork to the 'sofa' on many occasions over this last year and feel a minute piece of that rocket statue was earned by me. Just a fragment of a grain of it mind you. Congratulations to Tony C. Smith, to everyone that has contributed over the years and of course to all those who voted and listened.

You can visit StarShipSofa at or download free shows on itunes.

You can see my StarShipSofa Contibutions here.

More Sofa Art to come!


I just signed up tp do another StarShipSofa Cover. I must be mad!

Look for it probably around the end of July maybe August. [Update: its done and you can find it here]

Meanwhile have look at the the cover art for Starshipsofa: The Captain's Logs by Dee Cunniffe.


The Captain's Log is the transcribed version of all the past shows put together by an entirely volunteer crew that spans the world.
Pretty amazing when you think about it.

New Art!

undefined undefined

I was just handed the type treatment to the artwork I did for's Aural Delights No.138.
This cover illustrates Charon the Boatman of Hades as he starts his holiday. This story was written by Award Winning Author Jeffrey Ford.

This time I got away with having the image partially cover over some of the SSS title...which I believe is a first in their history. I'm planting a flag anyways and claiming rights!!!!!

The image on the right was my attempt at some typography.

Hope you like it!


StarShipSofa nominated for HUGO

Just a quick and very happy note to say was nominated for a Hugo award in the BEST FANZINE category. I had the honour of doing a cover painting for issue 122 and I am not to proud to say I feel like I got nominated as well! Can't wait to finish the next  one.

Congrats to Tony C. Smith for creating such a fantastic vehicle!




StarShipSofa Art

undefinedThis week I completed the following painting for the Feb24th Episode of StarShipSofa's Aural Delights Audio Magazine No. 122. The painting is an illustration of Michael Flynn's HUGO nominated story entitled 'The Clapping Hands of God'

If you are interested in hearing more about the experience of painting of this cover click here. and on iTunes!

undefinedThis is another podcast I find myself listening to quite often while painting or working at the animation studio. Host Tony C. smith is the most energetic and enthusiastic host you'll ever run in to.

The podcast is a free download or stream from as well as a free subscription from iTunes! There are occasional book reviews, non fiction pieces relating to science fiction, the odd movie review and much more. I really like this podcast. Its got character and charm. I'd hoist a pint with Tony any day!

There is a possibility some of my work may be featured on the StarShipSofa website in the near future as Tony has book cover art for each months Aural Delights episodes.

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