Starshipsofa.com and on iTunes!

undefinedThis is another podcast I find myself listening to quite often while painting or working at the animation studio. Host Tony C. smith is the most energetic and enthusiastic host you'll ever run in to.

The podcast is a free download or stream from Starshipsofa.com as well as a free subscription from iTunes! There are occasional book reviews, non fiction pieces relating to science fiction, the odd movie review and much more. I really like this podcast. Its got character and charm. I'd hoist a pint with Tony any day!

There is a possibility some of my work may be featured on the StarShipSofa website in the near future as Tony has book cover art for each months Aural Delights episodes.

Audible Fantasy Podcasts

undefinedRecently I have discoverd a podcast that features well told stories (for the most part...you can't please everyone all of the time) at http://podcastle.org . I have been subscribing to their podcasts of fantasy fiction for a couple of weeks and enjoy listening to them while I am drawing and sketching. Having a story read to you while you work is a tradition that goes back to the times of such Masters as Leonardo da Vinci. Some stories provide inspiration for a troubled muse and other merely act as a white noise for an engaged mind.

I personally subcribe to this podcast via iTunes, they also have horror and science-fiction podcasts called psuedopod and escapepod respectively. Thats all for today. I have to get back to a sketch inspired by Tanith Lee's 'Night's Master' involving Azhrarn and Sivesh riding through the Underearth.

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